Antonio & Celine


Rhythmical, little master pieces on the double bass and sweet voiced melody lines. 

Antonio Alemanno (IT) and Celine Werkhoven (NL) take you along in a musical flow that runs easily past a variety of influences and styles. 


In their repertoire they surprise you with Billie Holiday's most beautiful song, the warm sounds of a French chanson, that rhythm you can't sit still to and the strangely familiar sound of a guilty pleasure pop song in a brand new coat. 

Next to their craftfully rearranged covers, their growing list of original work strengthens the personal signature they put on their performances, adding a dose of poetic, musical indulgence. 

A tad eclectic? Yes, but the distinctive sound, made up by the warm notes of double bass and voice, virtuoso solo's on the cello and the addition of one loop pedal each, ties it all together into a rich, organically flowing meander of sound. 

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Antonio & Celine ontwikkelde speciaal voor deze tijden waarin alles anders dan anders is een corona-proof concept. Klik HIER voor alles over De Afhaalmuzikant. 


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